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The ONLY 19+ Nightclub in Iowa

Studio 13 (previously known as the Alley Cat), has been the Corridor's favorite LGBTQIA+ nightclub for over two decades.  Located in a historical building on 13 S Linn Street in downtown Iowa City, Studio 13 has become a foundation for the Iowa City LGBTQIA+  community as well as one of the most popular nightclubs in Iowa. We have been voted the best LGBTQIA+ hangout, best place to dance, best karaoke and more. We are humbled by the amazing support we've received from our community for over two decades. 

We work hard to be leaders and guide those in the LGBTQIA+ community leading by example.  We cannot control the actions of others but believe involvement and action are the best ways to bring about the change we all want and the best in everyone.  We all make mistakes and can be better people.  Get involved, be a mentor, lead by example.  Join us for monthly Pride meetings or PRIDE Potlucks.  We are always here for those who want to reach out and join us in making things better for all.

We are a place that welcomes everyone, from the college freshman who are just coming out, to the elder pillar of the community.  If you do not feel welcome, or have an experience that is less than positive, we want to know and will do our best to address it.  We know we can't make everyone love us but we can be a place that, with the right attitude, everyone will enjoy and have fun!


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